Service Terms

The following Service Terms apply to Customer to the extent the specific Service is included in the applicable ordering document. ExpandedVenture may update these Service Terms from time to time.

1. SocialSellingMachine Program

1.1. Every single pipeline must to have a minimal conversion of 0.65% of leads over the number of friend requests that we send over social media.

1.2. ExpandedVenture must deliver:

- 4,000 friend requests monthly, for every single Robin Plan of our clients;

- 10,000 friend requests monthly, for every single Batman Plan of our
clients; or

- 25,000 friend requests monthly, for every single Hulk Plan of our clients.

1.3. If a campaign is not getting a conversion of 0.65% or more, we'll keep the remaining leads credits in the client's balance, but we'll ask you to re-design your current campaign.

1.4. Any refund will be for the remaining number of monthly friend requests at the end of the billing cycle, only if we didn't meet with the monthly quota of friend requests according with the client's plan.

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