ConnectionSphere is one of our SaaS for social accounts automation.

Unlike many other automation software pieces out there, ConnectionSphere is

  1. fully cloud-based; and

  2. fully outsourced.

That means:

  1. the automation doesn't run in your computer, but in our highly scalable automation cloud;

  2. you don't have to risk your social accounts, but grab social accounts from our crowd-provided reserve;

  3. after you submit your requirement, we'll manage the conversations with your connections and we'll forward the positive replies to your email inbox.

Yep! With ConnectionSphere you don't have to upload your own social accounts (a.k.a. sales assistants) nor deal with proxies.

Instead, we provide you with social accounts provided by the crowd, and we run the automation in our cloud infrastructure.
So simple!

Our automation includes:

  1. run searches to find people belonging to your target market,

  2. deliver connection requests (a.k.a. invitation messages),

  3. deliver an introduction message to every single lead who just accepted our connection request, so you can start contacting 10-20 of these leads every day.

  4. deliver a welcome message to every person who has accepted the previous invitation message: and

  5. deliver a Lead transfer to you message to every person who replies positively to the introduction message or welcome message.

  6. handle chat conversations & transfer the interested leads to your email inbox.

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