Creating Pipelines

Any pipeline has 3 key components:

  1. the target for your campaign (a.k.a. search), setting job position, industry, and location;

  2. the scripts to deliver: invitation message, introduction message, welcome message, and transfer message; and

  3. the content to write in the social profile of your sales assistants.

You can setup a new pipeline by clicking on the New Pipeline button that is shown in the picture below.

That button will redirect to our 3-step wizard where you can setup the 3 key components listed above.

NOTE: The 3-step wizard is supporting 3 filters only to setup the search: job position, industry, location.

If you want to play with more advanced filters, refer to this article.

NOTE: The 3-step wizard, is allowing you to create messages using our proven templates.

If you want to create your own messages, refer to this article.

Additionally, be aware: if your pipeline is not working using our proven templates, we cannot guarantee you will receive the promised number of warm leads every month.

In order to start a new pipeline, follow the steps below.

1. Login to your account here:

2. Click the New Pipeline button to start creating a new pipeline.

Before you start with the step 1, please write a name of the new pipeline.

Step 1: Target

3. Add one or more job positions (if necessary) of the leads you want to reach.

4. Add one or more industries where you want to run your search. You have to start writing to see the option.

NOTE: Keep in mind that the list of industries are predetermined by LinkedIn.

If you don't find the industry you want target, but it is listed by LinkedIn, feel free to contact and report this.

If you want to target any other industry that is not in that list, you still can create a more advanced search targeting by keywords, interests and also by a list of companies. Refer to this article to know how to create an advanced search.

5. Add one or more locations where you want to run your search. You should start writing to see the options.

NOTE: Keep in mind that the list of locations are predetermined by LinkedIn.

If you don't find the location you want target, but it is listed by LinkedIn, most probably it is too small. Feel free to contact and report this.

6. Click on preview.

7. Click on LinkedIn Search Link if you have sales navigator. If not, click on the samples below.

NOTE: These links should open a new tab in the browser, in order the wizard screen remains.

That behaviour may fails sometimes if you already have tabs opened the same way.

In this case, please try to right-click on the link, and click on the open link in a new tab option.

NOTE: We strongly recommend your search retrieves more than 20,000 results on LinkedIn, in order we can run your pipeline steadely. Otherwise, the automation won't perform optimially and the pipeline will move slow.

8. If you are satisfied with the search then click on I Approve It. If not, click on Back.

Step 2: Scripts

We 'll deliver 4 scripts

9. Fill the fields taking into account the tips provided by our website.

10. Click on I Approve It to continue.

Step 3: Social Profiles

11. Fill all the fields with the required information.

Note: this information will be uploaded to the profiles of your sales assistants.

12. Click on Apply to finish.

Adding Subscriptions

Once you complete the last step of the wizard, you will be forwarded to the Prices & Plans page, where you can choose a plan to subscribe.

If you already have subscribed to a plan, just click the Go Dashboard button.

Note: If you alrady have subscribed but still don't see the credits in your dashabord, give the platform a bit more time to process it, since payments are being processed with PayPal asyncroniously.

Note: In the Prices & Plans screen you may find a message telling that "you have unpaid invoices".

If you think this is a mistake, there are 2 possible reasons:

  1. the invoice that you paid has not been processed yet.

  2. there are some other invoices that you have generated by mistake, and you don't know they exist.

Refer to this article to know how to delete your these invoices.

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