Download Your Leads

This article is about how to download a report of the warm leads received, plus a short example about how to import your leads to AWeber.

To download your leads as a CSV file, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to ConnectionSphere here.

  2. Go to Pipelines.

  3. Apply the time filter to get the number of leads generated during the last week, or the last week, etc.
    The leads exported to your report will be the leads transferred during such period of time.

4. Scroll down, select the pipelines to download, and click the download leads button.

Few minutes later, you will receive an email notification for each one of the pipeline that you requested a download.
Such email will have a link where you can download your leads.

Click the link in the notification email, and you will find the list of file jobs requested during the last month.

Please, make sure to only download the last file job requested.

Each job has 2 download links, as is shown in the picture below.

Yo can download your leads in 2 different report formats:

  1. broken down, and

  2. summarized.

Be aware that these reports are CSV files, using semicolon (;) as separator, and quotation marks (") as text delimiter. For more information about the CSV standard, please refer to this article.

Broken Down Format

The brokendown format have 1 row for every data appended to the lead (email, phone number, LinkedIn URL, etc.). This format is useful when you want to import your leads to an email distribution list, where you want to include one row for every single email address. If a lead has more than one email address, you will find more than one row for the same lead in this report, as is shown in the picture below.

In the brokendown report, if a lead has not information appended (no emails, no phone numbers, etc.), that lead will have only one row in the report, as is shown in the picture below.

Summarized Format

In the summarized format you have one, and only one row for each lead. If a lead has more than one email address, you will find all of them in many different columns. Same happens for any kind of appended data (phone numbers, LinkedIn URLs, etc.).

This format is useful when you want to import your leads to a CRM, where you usually handle one record for each lead, and you have many fields to store many email addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Using Your Reports

Once you have downloaded your leads, most probably you'll want to import them to your either your CRM or your Email Marketing Provider.

This article a a good case of study about how to get the best of importing your leads to AWeber.

Leads Quality Assurement

If a lead has been transferred to you even if such a lead never replied to neither the invitation or the welcome message, that lead will be missed in the report.

That is extremely important to avoid spam complaints. For example, when you import your leads to AWeber.