Editing Pipeline

Once you have created a pipeline, you may want to change any of its configurations.

A pipeline is made up of 6 configurations:

  1. name, to you identify the pipeline;

  2. messages sequence: invitation message, welcome message, and transfer message;

  3. searches, are the target you want to reach out;

  4. Social profile, is the content (headline, summary) to write in the social profile of your sales assistants;

  5. Social Accounts, is the list of sales assistants assigned to the pipeline;

  6. Leads Transfers, is the list of users who will receive email notifications regarding leads transferred from this pipeline;

To edit e pipeline, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your account here: https://connectionsphere.com/login;

  2. Once in the pipelines screen, scroll down to find the pipeline you want to edit, and click on its name.