Introducing "Introduction Messages"

We just developed a new strategy to connect you with 210 - 400 new leads every single month.

We can create a group chat on LinkedIn, between you and every single lead who just accepted our connection request, so you can start contacting 10-20 of these leads every day.

If you want to activate this new feature, please share your login email address to ConnectionSphere, and we'll setup that for you, for free.

Introduction are Free

The introduced leads are absolutely free and they will not consumed your credit.


You will receive an email notification along with contact information of the leads that we are introducing to you.

Powering with VCT

In addition to introducing leads, you can also activate Voice-Chat Transfer feature. Through which you can directly communicate to the lead and explain your offer more effectively through Group chat on Linkedin.

Our sales assistant profile will become a bridge between you and the lead. It will create a group where it will introduce you.

The Good news is you can now setup VCT for absolutely free.

Introduction Messages and Zapier

Since Introduction are not warm leads, we strongly recommend you don't push their emails into an automated email system.

Instead, we recommend you contact them on LinkedIn, in the group chat, and follow up with them personally there.

For this reason, leads who have been introduced to you, but not warmed yet, are not published in our API.

When Creating a new Pipeline, you will be asked to enter introduction Message in step-2

When Configuring an Existing Pipeline Messages You can add the introduction message here