Pipeline Notifications

If you add users to your account, you will probably want they receive the email notifications and Leads Transfer through LinkedIn (LTL) about new leads generated by ConnectionSphere.

To add receivers to a Pipeline, follow the steps below:

  1. First of all, you will add user to your account, so please check this article to know how to add users.

  2. Select Pipeline from your Main screen

3. Click on the Pipeline you want to add the receivers to.

4. Once you're in the screen of the pipeline that you selected, scroll down to see the Leads Transfer option.

5. There you'll find the users that you have added to your account. Next to it you have to click the add button for the users who will receive the leads from this pipeline.

6. There is also an added feature to select the instance, "when" the added user gets the leads as shown in picture below, which you can select as per your requirement.

7. The leads transfer can be configured in one of two ways described below:

  • Get leads transfer in quantity: these are the leads that will be transferred to your LinkedIn inbox just after a prospect has accepted the connection message. In this way you can continue to interact with the leads yourself and entice them with your offer or build a connection, while we continue warming up the lead.

  • Transfer a warm lead only: If you select the second option (quality), you will be transferred only warm leads into your LinkedIn inbox i.e. those leads that have replied positively to invitation or welcome /introduction message. All you have to do is close the deal.