Edit Pipeline Messages

In this article you can learn how to:

  1. edit the existing messages of your pipeline using our proven templates, and then

  2. create your own custom messages using spintax.

  1. Edit Your Messages Using Our Templates

1. Login to your account here: https://connectionsphere.com/login

2. Click on the pipeline for which you want to change the messages.

3. Click on the Messages button:

4. It will take you to the message section, where you can see the timeline chart with the 4 followup messages that we deliver to your leads (invitation, introduction, welcome and transfer).

To know more about the 4 followup messages that we deliver, please refer to the
Introducing ConnectionSphere article.

5. Find the pencil button in the message that you want to edit.

6. Expand the drop-down box, and choose one of the proven templates that we have in our database.

7. Complete the blank spaces and then click the Create button.

2. Write Your Own Custom Messages Using Spintax

Note: If you run your pipeline with your own custom scripts, we cannot guarantee results. For more infromation, please refer to our service terms.

If you have followed the steps in the previous section (Edit Your Messages Using Our Templates), you can choose you write your own custom message.

1. Clicking the pencil button in the message edition popup.

2. Write your message using spintax.

3. Click on create button.