Here is a list of frequently asked questions about ConnectionSphere.

Why URLs are Not Allowed In Invitation Messages?

LinkedIn doesn't allow this.

Why E-Mails are Not Allowed In Any Message?

Emails are not allowed in any message because they are easily trackeable as a spam activty by any social network.

Why the Invitation Message Has a Limitation of 200 Characters

LinkedIn restricts invitation messages to no more than 300 characters.

The larger of each invitation message that we delvier vary, depending on the values of the merge-tags (!fname, !cname, and !iname).

We neeed a security margin of 100 characters.

Why I See "Invitation Message spintax cannot be longer than 200 characters" if the Number of Chars is Lower?

In order to don't be tracked by social sites, we don't deliver the exactly the same script to every lead. Some words may vary between each message.

The number characters reached by your script is not the number of characters that you see in the template.
Instead, it is the number of characters reached by the larger version of such a script.