Introducing Pipelines

A pipeline is a crowd-sourced, drill-down sequence of automated messages, delivered to people belonging to your target market (a.k.a. leads).

The picture below
shows how does an automated sequences work..

Detailed List of Messages

More detailed, the messages are these:

1. Invitation Message: a connection request with a short message offering a free demo or introduction about your service. The goal of the introduction message is to win the connection.


“Hello !fname, I can see we are in the same industry, and I would like to help you to connect with decision makers belonging to some big companies from California.”

The invitation message cannot be longer than 300 characters; Also, note that some merge tags like !fname, !cname are considered as a certain number of characters each one, that is the maximum value expected for the first name of a person, or the name of a company.

2. Introduction Message: This is the first follow-up, where we introduce you to the lead, we share your calendar link promising some kind of offer or free gift.

The goal of the introduction message is to win the meeting with the lead.


Hello !fname! Thank you so much for accepting my connection request. As I wrote in my previous message, I would like to share my connections with you, because I believe in cooperation and helping each other.

Feel free to book a meeting with my team leader, <your name here> here: <link>, so he will spend a time understanding what exactly your target is.

<your name here> is looking forward to talking with you!

This message and the next ones, have a limitation of 1759 chars.

3. Welcome Message: The welcome message is just a follow up delivered 7 days later to those leads who did reply to neither the invitation message, nor the welcome message.

4. Transfer Message: a message delivered to those who replied positively to either the invitation message or the introduction message or the welcome message.

In the transfer message, we introduce you to the lead at the same time that we transfer the conversation to your email inbox, with the contact information of such lead.

You can also include your calendar link in the transfer message, so interested leads book a meeting right away and you close the deal in a few minutes meeting!

This automated sequence of messages stops as soon as a lead replies to one of them.

After a lead replies to one of our messages, a human operator will continue the conversation manually.

Watching Conversations

The picture below is an example of both, invitation and welcome messages showed on our platform,

Welcome Message Cancelation

In order to manage the congruency of the conversation, the welcome message is delivered only if the lead didn't reply to the invitation message before. Otherwise, we could keep sending our offer to a lead that already replied either he is interested or not.

The picgure below is a good example of a welcome message that has been canceled, because the lead replied "Interesting" before we could deliver it.

Leads Transferring

As said, the transfer message is delivered only if the lead replied positively to eitheer the invitation message or the welcome message

The red light in the transfer message indicates that we delivered an email notification to your inbox at the moment we delivered such transfer message.

Unlike both invitation message and welcome message, the transfer message is pushed manually by our operators, who take care to read all the incomming messages daily, and decide if a lead is interested or not.

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