Daily Quota for LTL

In order to keep our users' accounts safe, no one user can recieve more then 20 LTLs within a timeframe of 24 hours.

In the Leads Transfer section of the pipeline edition screen, you may see the number of allowed group chats at that moment for any user.

If there is no more quota for group chats, and you continue transferring leads, such transfers will be done the normal way: delivering a simple-message to the lead, and sending an email notification to the user.

How It Works?

When you see something like "18 group chats available right now", that means that 2 group chats either

1. have been delivered in the last 24 hours, or
2. are in the queue waiting to be delivered.

Additionally, note it is considering the time when the message has been DELIVERED, that happens 1-2 hours later after you pushed it into the platform.

When a group chat is delivered, one slot for another group chat is released 24 hours later.

We understand this is not easy to handle, but since it is affecting the safety of clients' accounts, it is the only way possible. So, in order to make it more easy for users, we show a hint of how many slots will be released in the comming hours.

How to Increase the Quota

The way to increase the quota, is by just adding more users to the list of transfers.

You will have a global quota that is 20 x the number of users who are accepting grouip chats.

To add users to the list of transfers, follow these steps below:

  1. Go to the pipeline edition screen;

  2. Go to the Leads Transfer section;

  3. Click on the check boxes of the users that you want to add; and

  4. Click on the + add button.

Then, to enable such users to receive group chats, follow these other steps:

  1. Click again on the check boxes of the users that you want to enable; and

  2. Click on the enable for group chats button.

Finding the Global Quota in the Repsonses Screen

In order to make your work more easy, we information of the global quota.

In this screen you can see both

  1. the number of allowed group chats right now; and

  2. the hint of how many slots will be released in comming hours;

for all the users assigned to the pipeline, who also are enabled for group chats.