Making Your Search More Specific

Many times we receive complaints from the clients telling us that they receive leads that are not suitable at all.

Even worst, sometimes clients tell us that they received leads that are not potential clients, but they are competitors.

We wrote this article to help all our users to setup better and more specific searches for their SocialSellingMachine.

Additionally to this article, you would need to read this other article about how to change the search of your pipeline.

Be aware that if you are too busy to setup the target of your campaign, or you think it is too complicated, you still can hire dedicated support in our marketplace. Our dedicated support includes:

  1. research the negative responses and build a feedback report to improve your messaging,

  2. improve your targeting by finding the segments that are responding better,

  3. brainstorming ideas to offer a better lead magnet.

Making More Specific Searches

Here are some good strategies that you can follow to make your search more specific and avoid leads that are outside from your target.

1. Use Negative Keywords:

One good strategy to improve your target is to replicate this search, but adding negative keywords and/or negative job positions, in order to exclude those leads that are not suitable for you.

Example: If you you want to target business coaches, you may add "coach" as a job position, but you would like to add some negative keywods like "football", "basquet", etc. in order to avoid sport coaches.

2. Add Industries

If you are targeting Mortgage Brokers, you may want to target some specific industries like Banking, Financial Services or even Insurance.

But you don't want people from the Marketing industry in your list.

3. Move Keywords as Job Positions

Moving your keywords to the job position filter is a good choice to find very specific people.

But be aware that this strategy can reduce the scope of your search dramatically.

So, we recommend you do this only if the 2 previous strategies don't work for you.

Example: If you are targeting Java Programmers, it's much more effective to search by "Java Developer" as a job position, instead to write "Developer" in the job position filter and "Java" in the keywords filter.