Manage Conversations in Responses Section

1. The Response screen does not show the introduction message nor welcome messages in the list of templates .

Note that the templates in the responses screen are the messages that you setup in your pipeline.

For better understanding about messages, please read these other articles: Introducing Pipelines & Editing Pipeline messages.

The introduction message and welcome message are not shown in the list of templates, if they have been already been created by our automated processes, as part of the series of automated follow up.

2. In the response section you can also see chat messages history for audit and monitoring purposes: i.e. who created the message, and who have seen each chat message!!

3. If you want to outsource the management of your chats, please refer to this other article: Outsource the Management of your Chats.

4. If you have enabled the option to manage responses by our operators you will be shown this message on your response screen!

5. If you want to change it and handle conversations yourself, just click on change configuration to take control of the conversations manually through response screen!