Ordering a New Service

From our ConnectionSphere platform we provide warm leads. But we also offer other products in order to expand your possibilities.

So it was necessary to set up clear statements about the scope and fees for every product.

This article explains how to order a new service, but also how does our programs & plans model work.

To order a new service, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your ConnectionSphere account here: https://connectionsphere.com/login

  2. In the top bar, click on your avatar icon, and then click on the settings option.

3. Once in the settings screen, click on the credits link.

4. Once in the credits screen, you can find all our programs with their plans and fees.

Once there, find the list of all our products in the right side panel.

Each product link in that list above will redirect to its program description panel.
If you feel confused understanding the credits screen, you may want to read this article about our pricing model.

If you are new user of ConnectionSphere, note you can grab a trial of any product.

Refer to this article to know more about trial.

5. Click on the Add button, and choose the number of packages that you want to order.

You will be redirect to an invoice.

6. Once in the invoice, just click the PayPal button and continue the PayPal process.

Click the Edit Billing Address button If you want to add your billing address information into the invoice.

Note: When you order warm leads, such product came with

  1. 20 accounts;

  2. 4,000 invitations; and

  3. 5 searches;

as additional features, as you can see in the picture below.

It is like an all-in-one solution: social accounts rental, messages automation, and search results scraping.

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