Deleting Invoices

When ordering a new service, you may want to delete an invoice that you created by mistake, or you simple are not longer interested to pay for it.

Follow the steps below to delete an invoice.

  1. Login to your ConnectionSphere account here:;

  2. Go to the invoices screen:;

  3. Click the delete link at the right side of the invoice number.

Note: The delete button is only available if:

  1. the invoice will not be billed automatically; and

  2. the invoice should be paid manually and have not been paid yet.


The picture below shows 3 invoices.

  1. The first one is linked to a PayPal subscription (in this example: "I-DB395V9OEB3T"), so it will be billed automatically. So, it is not allowed for deletion.

  2. The second has been already paid. So it is neither allowed for deletion.

  3. The third invoice is not linked to any subscription nor has been paid. So this one is eligible for deletion.

Note: When you pay an invoice, there is a delay until the payment is processed.

If you have deleted an invoice within such delay, the invoice will be undeleted automatically once the payment is processed.

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