Setup a Reseller Account

Some of our services allow you to resell them with a white label.

ConnectionSphere allows you to setup your sender signature in the email notifications that your clients will receive from our platform.

By sender signature we mean: your name and email address in the sender of our emails.

Then, you can add your client as new users of your account, and then add them to the receivers list of a pipeline.

By now, we are not offering domain aliasing for our ConnectionSphere portal.

So you should setup and manage the campaigns of your clients, and your clients only will see the email notifications of new warm leads.

To add your sender signature to our email notifications, follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your ConnectionSphere account here:

  2. In the top bar, click on your avatar icon, and then click n the settings option.

3. Once in the settings screen, click on the company settings link.

4. Once in the company settings screen, activate the check box next to reseller signature title.

5. Write the sender name for the emails notifications.

6. Choose a contact user from the drop-down menu.

This is the only users from your account that our people will be allowed to contact, in order to avoid us to reach your clients directly.

7. Write the sender email for the emails notifications.

The sender email address must be a from a corporate domain of your own, since you will have to update its DNS records to allow our servers to send emails using your domain.

8. Click on the save button.

After save the form you will receive an email notification from Postmark asking you to confirm your email address.