Application Programming Interface (API)

We’re introducing ConnectinSphere API 1.1.0.

The ConnectinSphere API is aimed to include all the services services belong the ConnectionSphere platform.

The new ConnectionSphere API is suitable to work with Zapier, and in fact we used it for our Zapier Integrations.

As a last comment, be aware that you need an API Key to work with either Zapier or the raw access points.
If you didn't create your API Key yet, please refer to this article before continue reading.

Getting the Access Points URL

The URL for the access points may vary for different users.

For every access point listed in this section, you can get the URL from the same screen where you get your API Key.

Every access point with either methods GET and POST.

End Point: ping.json

  • HTTP Method: GET|POST

  • Function: Test if the API is working and you can connect it with your API Key and Division Name.

End Point: drl/get_leads.json

  • HTTP Method: GET|POST

  • Function: Get the list of leads received within a fixed period of time. The number of leads is limited to 100. If you get exactly 100 leads from this access point, you should reduce the length of the time period.

Standard Response Format

Every access point has a very similar response.


  • "status": Result of the operation. It may be "success". If it is not "success", then it is a description of the error.

  • "value": Is the result of the operation. Typically, it is an array or hash of data.

If "status" is equal than "success", the "value" has the content requested to the access point.

If "status" is different than "success", the content in the "status" parameter is a description of the error.