Zapier Well Known Issues

Here is a list of issues faced by our clients when they tried to setup a new Zap using our integration; and the replies that we sent them to assist.

Issue #1: I am configuring a new Zap, but I am not getting sample data to test it.

Zapier will use the sample data in the action configuration, only if you never brought real data before.

For example: using the "Test Trigger" button shown in the picture below.

If you already brought data from the chosen connection to SocialSellingMachine in any way, so real data will be shown when you

Issue #2: The Sample Data is not Including Emails or Phone Numbers

For the "New Leads Data" trigger, Zapier is allowing us to setup a sample data of one record, and one record alone, so we can't provide your different samples for different data types (email, phone number).

For the "New Warm Leads" trigger, the sample data has emails and phone numbers. But for the "New Warm Leads Data" is not possible to provide emails AND phone numbers in the sample.

The "New Warm Leads Data" returns one record for each data appended (emails, phone, numbers). If a lead has both email and phone number, so the "New Warm Leads Data" will retrieve 2 record. And as I mentioned before, Zapier is not allowing me to show more than 1 record in the sample result.

Issue #3: I setup the "Warm Lead Data" trigger to bring Phone numbers, but I receive Emails when I test.

When configuring a new Zap using "New Warm Leads Data" as trigger, if you set "email" in the data-type parameter, then you click "test trigger" as is shown in the picture below. You will bring the latest emails appended to your leads.

Now, if you go back to "Customize Warm Lead Data" and switch the "data type" parameter to "Phone", the results bringed by "Test Trigger" will remain the same (email addresses).

The solution to this issue is to refresh the page and setup the "data type" parameter again.