ExpandedVenture's Pricing Model

From our ConnectionSphere platform we provide so many different services.
So it's necessary to set up clear statements about the scope and fees for each one.

This article explains how to order a new service, but also how does our programs & plans model work, and how we break down all our services to commodities that we can mix up to satisfy very particular needs.

But before read this article you may want to read about how to order a new service in ConnectionSphere, where is explained how to find the credits screen where you can find all our programs & plans.

Understanding a Program Description

The credits screen is designed to provide a full description of the fees and features of all our programs.
Each one has its own program description panel like the one is shown in the picture below,

where you can find:

  1. the type of product that you are going to pay for: In the picture above, the SocialSellingMachine program is about to buy warm leads credits; in other words: you will receive the number of leads that you are paying for.

  2. the credit that you currently has in this program, expressed in US dollars;

  3. the number of program credits that you already has for this program too (in the picture above we are talking about warm leads credits);

And below are described the parameters for the one or more plans that every program may have:

  1. the monthly fee of the plan, or sometimes it can be a one one time fee;

  2. the number of program credits that you will receive for that fee;

  3. if you can access a trial or not for this plan;

  4. the full list of additional feature for that plan.

Our Commodities Model

As an example: If you check out our plans for the LinkedProspector program, you can see that program is like a SaaS where you can upload your LinkedIn accounts, and we'll provide the software for automation on these accounts. In the LinkedProspector program you receive invitation credits that are the number if connection requests that you can send through our service, using your own LinkedIn accounts.

But in the SocialSellingMachine we'll run the LinkedIn automation, but also we provide the LinkedIn accounts, and we guarantee a number of leads from such LinkedIn automation (warm leads).

The SocialSellingMachine program is more like a turn key service where we include credits of other programs as additional features, like

  1. rental of our own LinkedIn accounts (accounts rental credits); plus

  2. a number of invitation credits; plus

  3. hosting where to run your bots using stealth browsers (processing threads); plus

  4. automation for run and scrape Sales Navigator searches (LinkedScraper credits); plus

  5. automation to edit the profiles of your accounts in bulk (LinkedCreator credits); and even

  6. credits for a dedicated support agent for a full managment of your campaigns (dedicate support credits).

Even if this methodology of "breaking down our services in commodities" may seems complicated, it provides us the flexibility to mix up our different such commodities in different programs that may solve very different needs.

We Do Like McDonald's Does

We like to compare our pricing model with McDonald's model.

When you go to McDonald's you don't order a hamburger solely.

You order a menu that includes a hamburger, coke and maybe more.

That menu is like one of the program plans.

Hamburger and coke are commodities, and they can be combined in different menus.

In a very similar way we combine linkedin invitations and accounts for rent in different programs plans.

For example: Any of the plans of our SocialSellingMachine program include accounts for rent, linkedin invitations, linkedin searches for scraping, and more.

This makes sense, because a client who want to send LinkedIn invitations for prospecting, usually wants to scrape LinkedIn searches before to find the LinkedIn users to send invitations too.

Many times, our clients want to use their own LinkedIn account, but other times they don't have LinkedIn accounts so we facilitate the rental of LinkedIn accounts in our warehouse.

So again, we break down all our services to commodities that we can mix up to satisfy very particular needs.

All our programs are listed in the credits screen, where you can see all the features included, as is shown in the picture below.

Note that when you include LinkedProspector as a feature of SocialSellingMachine, you are including its main commodity only (LinkedIn invitations), and not any of the additional features in any of the plans of the LinkedProspector program.