Service Terms

The following Service Terms apply to Customer to the extent the specific Service is included in the applicable ordering document. ExpandedVenture may update these Service Terms from time to time.

1. ConnectionSphere Program

1.1. Every single pipeline must to have a minimal conversion of 1% of warm leads over the number of invitation messages that we send over social media.

Example: If we send 2,500 connect requests (invitation messages), your campaign should generate 25 positive responses (warm leads).

1.2. ExpandedVenture will deliver up 2,500 invitation messages monthly, for every 25 warm leads promised in the plan.

1.3. If a pipeline is not getting a conversion of 1% or higher, ExpandedVenture will keep the remaining warm leads credits in the client's balance, and ExpandedVenture will increase the outreach of the pipeline temporarily, but ExpandedVenture will ask the client to optimize the pipeline in order to reach the 1% conversion.

1.4. Any refund will be for the remaining number of monthly invitation messages at the end of the billing cycle, only if ExpandedVenture didn't meet with the monthly quota of invitation messages according with the client's plan.

1.5. ExpandedVenture don't garantee results (neither warm leads nor sales) if the client is running his/her own version of messages, instead to use our proven templates feature.

2. Scope of our Support Services

The standard support service is limited to ask any questions that you may have via email.

The dedicated support service can also manage your account based on your requirements via email.

Phone calls are outside the scope of any of our support services.

3. Liabilities with our Resellers

Our clients are responsible to setup their Reseller Signature properly in order to avoid us to reach their clients.